Gemeinsam für Berlin e.V.

Who we are

Who is behind "Gemeinsam fuer Berlin" - Together for Berlin

"Together for Berlin" is the work of many Christians. Actually, anyone who doesn’t confine his or her faith to activities in the church building is a member.
We are often just loosely associated individuals. Many of us don’t know one another since we would rather spend time with our neighbors instead of each other. 

Nevertheless it is good when we cooperate with each other and stay in contact. People who share the same concerns should know about each other and be able to find one another. Those who feel alone in their service and commitment should be encouraged and supported by those of the same mind. Some people need extra motivation or suggestions to get going at all. And every once in a while it is good for us to be visible in large numbers for certain occasions. 

Some of us wanted just that: to inspire, support and network these Christians. That’s why we founded the organization „Gemeinsam fuer Berlin e.V.“. It is not an umbrella organization for a Christian city movement, but rather an association that provides support for such movements and initiatives. Wherever we can help Christians seek to reach the very best for Berlin, we gladly do it. You can see some of our faces here