Gemeinsam für Berlin e.V.

It’s often the case that Christians with similar concerns are spread out all over the city. We help them discover each other and do something together. Sometimes these groups develop into a “forum”. In our forums, Christians in this city can work together towards a specific goal. Your participation is welcome and appreciated! 

Prayer Forum

There are several groups that pray for all of Berlin or for a specific neighborhood in the city. Several active members of these groups meet in the Prayer Forum. They share their ideas and experiences. They plan certain activities together. And they pray. Your group can join here. (Kontaktseite einfügen)

You can get the regular prayer email for Berlin in German or English here

Intercultural Relationships
In the last decades many Christians have come to Berlin from other cultures. They, too, are Berliners and want to contribute to the further development  of  their city. That’s why we formed a Forum together. More information on this group will appear here.

If you need more information now, send us an email

Forum Islam

There are many Muslims in our city, but only a few Christians that extend the hand of friendship to them.  Some of us want to help change that. 

Do you want to connect with them. Link zu Contact legen

Micah Challenge in Berlin

Even though we are dedicated to serving those around us in Berlin, we haven’t forgotten people in disadvantaged places of the world. The Micah Challenge Initiative fights for social justice throughout the world. The local Berlin group is one of Together for Berlin’s  forums. 

Here you can find out what they do. And you can participate. 

Prison ministry 

In many Berlin churches there are Christians with a heart for criminal offenders. The forum for volunteers in prison ministry brings these Christians together. It helps them to get involved in this ministry in various ways so that God’s love can be experienced by offenders both in the prisons and after they are released. 

You can find out more here

Community Organizing  “Wir in Neukölln”

In the Berlin community organizing platforms many citizens are working together for their district. There are many churches involved as well. In Neukölln there is a group called “Friends of Jesus in Neukölln” that is active in the civic platform for Neukölln as a part of Together for Berlin.

Other Christians in Neukölln are warmly invited to join the group. (Contact)

Berlin UniteD
"Berlin UniteD" stands for Unity. Unity between young people.

Regardless the skin colour, regardless what is written on the pass, regardless of the personal style, we belong togeter. 
We stand united.

Contact us through our brand new web site Berlin UniteD.

Refugees Forum

The Refugee Forum is a small group of christians from different churches, whose concern it is to mobilize more people and churches to welcome refugees to our city and walk with them on their path.

Get more information via Email.

Move In

"Move In" isn't an organized initiative, but rather an organic movement of common christians, who live in their neighborhood intentionally, prayerfully and in relationshio to their neighbors.

For mor information you can contact us directly.