Gemeinsam für Berlin e.V.


The best for Berlin

We want to do good amongst our neighbours. For those who are lonely, who have no hope. Together, we want to change our neighbourhood. Especially where the circumstances aren’t  so good. Where we can only achieve something by working together.  By looking around us with loving eyes and acting with courage and expectant  prayer. 

We are united by one goal: to serve the people of Berlin. And as you well know: good ideas are contagious! Before you know it, your church, your group, your friends have caught the fever of a good idea for serving those around them. 

Isn’t that exactly what Christians in this city are called to do? It is definitely what Gemeinsam fuer Berlin does and encourages. We are an ecumenical network in Metropolitan Berlin,  that connects and encourages individuals, initiatives, communities and churches to serve the people of our city. 

Let’s work together to get something rolling, for the transformation of hearts and circumstances