Gemeinsam für Berlin e.V.


The Best for Berlin

We want to do good amongst our neighbours. Together, we want to change our neighbourhood. Especially where the circumstances aren’t  so good. Where we can only achieve something by working together. 

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Who we are

Behind "Gemeinsam fuer Berlin"

Gemeinsam fuer Berlin - Together for Berlin wants to inspire, support and connect christians, who look for Berlin's best interesst.

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Join In

How to get involved

There are many possibilities to join in. Some of them you can already discover here. Other initiatives will follow. Or you can even tell us your idea.

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Great things already happening

There are many inititatives developing in Berlin. Some of them we want to introduce on this page. The diversity is so encouraging. 
But see for yourself and get motivated too.

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Your idea

You have a cool idea? Tell us about it!

Maybe you are already doing something - alone or in a group - something that can inspire others. Or you have a vision how to engage in helping the people of this city. We are looking forward to hear from you.

Proposition - Form

Our ideas

Motivation and tipps for you

Ideas there are many. Some can be realized alone oder with a few. For some there are needed a more.
For that we founded the forums of Gemeinsam fuer Berlin. Maybe there is also one for you.