Gemeinsam für Berlin e.V.

Instead of an advisory board we started the "Future Forum" in 2015.
Not only do the members represent the different types of the body of Christ and a piece of the diversity of denominations and nationes in Berlin.
Moreover they are to represent the different realms of society. Through that we are able to build relations to to the different areas like politics and urban development, art and culture, education and business. By explicetly involving young innovative people under 35 we want to prepare the way for the next generations of christian leaders in Berlin. 
Moreover it is important to us, like any other urban movement, to be innovative, transformative and integral. 
This is the setting, in which our Future Forum should be able to freely think forward without limitation and this is the contribution of christions for the present and the future of Berlin.

Current members of the Future Forum (to be extended):